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Anonymous asked
kik? :)

I have one, but I rarely use it… And def not with someone I don’t know, sorry anon :/

Anonymous asked
Hopefully you'll consider this a legit have really nice looking feet and toes. And the pink pedicure in the photo looks good.

Thanks :3 anytime I go get a Mani/pedi the manicurist says something along those lines.
Toes are fun (:



Do not hate homosexuals, bisexuals, asexuals, ect
But do not hate heterosexuals.

Do not hate trans*gender, agender, non-binary people
But do not hate cissexuals.

Do not hate people of color
But do not hate white people.

Do not hate women
But do not hate men.

Do not hate Christians
But do not hate atheists.

Hatred only breeds more hatred. Is it that hard to understand?

This needs more attention than it’s gotten.



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I’m reblogging this because of the last one but I don’t know what I like about it, it just sounds like inspirational and stuff